Did you know?

Not all roasters roast the same.  At Potter & Crow our focus is on small batch, craft roasting and our goal is to respect and highlight the unique influences of the beans we choose. Things such as the origin, region, varietal and processing method impact the natural flavours thus the roasting profiles we develop take these variables into consideration so that we can truly let the complexity of the beans shine and tell their story of where they came from and in doing so, you get to enjoy a sensory experience of the beans’ journey from origin to cup.

Do you have a dark roast?

We tend to roast to what is considered a ‘medium roast’.  Because we source incredibly high quality beans, our goal is to roast them to highlight their natural flavours.  However; we know that some people just love that 'roasty' coffee taste and so for you, we suggest you try our Crow Bar and White Rock Espresso blends.  These are a bit of a ‘melange roast’ where we blend a darker roast with a lighter one to create a marriage between 'roasty' and true bean flavours.

Why don’t you sell ground coffee?

We roast to order and deliver whole beans because you deserve to enjoy the freshest, most flavourful cup of coffee.  Remember #lifeistooshorttodrinkbadcoffee. Our advice is to grind right before you brew. Trust us, it’s better this way.

Where do you source your coffee from?

We work with importers who invest in their relationships with farmers; ensuring a sustainable future for them, and us.  When we choose our specialty grade coffee beans, we want to be creating a positive impact on the farmers and their communities and because of this, we only partner with importers who are committed to doing the same.  

Are your beans organic?

We do offer some Certified Organic coffees; however, the process to become certified is extremely expensive and so many farmers do not undergo certification even if they utilize the same, or often better, organic farming practices.  When we source ‘specialty quality’ green beans, our first questions are about the farming practices and we will always choose to support a small farm, with healthy ‘organic’ practices, because this means we can support them and also bring you the best beans without the added inflation of paying for a certificate.

My favourite beans are sold out, will you be stocking them again?

We will certainly try, don’t forget we brought it in because we love it too, but coffee is seasonal and during certain times of year it isn’t possible for us to stock certain varieties.  Also, please remember that we are a small batch roaster so we only buy our specialty green beans in limited quantities to ensure you are getting the freshest of the fresh. When we run out, there is a good chance we won’t be able to bring in that same bean again. This is actually a wonderful dilemma to have because now you get to expand your palate and try something new…and fall in love all over again!

When Do You Ship?

We know that freshness makes a difference and that’s why we roast to order.  It takes us about 48 hours to get your order out to you and we ship our orders twice per week, on Mondays and Thursdays, via Canada Post.  We understand that running out of coffee can be a serious emergency so if you NEED your coffee sooner, shoot us an email and we can quote you on a faster shipping method.  Oh and check back for our coffee subscription service that we will be providing soon  We are creating it to ensure you never have a coffee 911.

We are having a fundraiser for a very important/special/fun cause, would Potter & Crow be interested in partnering with us?

ABSOLUTELY! We’ve roasted for several fundraisers and we love having the opportunity to support awesome endeavours.  Shoot us an email and let’s chat!

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